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ArtZuid Junior

ArtZuid Junior Spotlight Stoer Meisje Amsterdam Night amsterdambynightAs part of the festivities surrounding 150 years Vondelpark, the Art Zuid Foundation held a special design competition for school pupils. The 20 winning designs were made by artists and are on display in Vondelpark from the 15th of June til the 24th of August. Amsterdam by Night payed a nightly visit and was impressed by the special sculptures. Therefore, Amsterdam by Night puts its Spotlight this week on ArtZuid Junior.

Art Zuid Foundation

The Art Zuid Foundation mainly focuses on the civil inheritage of architect H.P. Berlage, with special regards on his Plan Zuid, the extension of Amsterdam to the south. The foundation also aims to improve the knowledge about art and architecture in the public space. The last couple of years Art Zuid regularly organized the ARTZUID Sculpture Route that could be enjoyed along the broad boulevards of Stadsdeel Zuid. Additionally, it organizes art-historical Berlage tours through the city.

ArtZuid Junior

To commemorate 150 years of Vondelpark (read more about this in the Spotlight about Vondelpark), ArtZuid organized a competion in which Amsterdam school pupils could design an artwork. During the design phase they were supported by artists, who would eventually also make the final sculptures. From each of the 32 participating schools the best five designs were selected and exhibited in miniature form in Vondelpark. The general public could vote on these 160 designs to select the 20 sculptures that would eventually be made in real size for the final exhibition. Part of the neccessary funding for this project was collected via crowdfunding via VoordeKunst, where also the photobook "Amsterdam by Night" was funded. Since the 15th of June, the sculptures are on display in Vondelpark.

ArtZuid Junior Tijdlijn Verzakking Vondelpark Amsterdam Night amsterdambynight

Cool Girls, Timelines and Parakeet Trees

ArtZuid Junior Parkietenboom Vondelpark Night Amsterdam amsterdambynightBesides the artistic aspect, ArtZuid Junior also aims to broaden the knowledge about Vondelpark and its history. Therefore the sculptures had to be related to the park.
For Kim Engelsbel (11 years) the Vondelpark means sports and play. Her colorfull design "Stoer Meisje" (Cool Girl) shows a girl that is playing with a ball while standing upside down. The saturated colors constrast strongly with the green of the park, an effect that only becomes more evident during the night.
“Tijdlijn van de grondverzakking” (Timeline of the subsidence) by Rianne Anema (15 years) symbolizes the subsiding ground of the Vondelpark. The park is already the lowest point of Amsterdam and is slowly subsiding further. During the extensive renovation that was finished in 2010, parts of the park have been elevated and some trees even got a foundation to prevent further sinking. The sculpture shows the trees with their brown roots that slowly become exposed above the ground.
The “Parkietenboom” (Parakeet Tree) of Rosa Heeroma (11 years) shows the exotic ... parakeet that has been breeding in Amsterdam since 1976. The green birds are clearly recognizable on their color and sounds. They live in groups in the Vondelpark, but can also be found in other areas of the city.


The ArtZuid Junior exhibition can be viewed till the 24th of August in Vondelpark. More information is available at the website of Art Zuid and the catalogue that can be ordered via the website.


- Art Zuid

- Catalogue ArtZuid Junior (available via Art Zuid)


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