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Amsterdambynight Rembrandtpark Amsterdam Night Rembrandtpark is located at the border between Amsterdam West and Nieuw-West and is one of my favourite parks of Amsterdam, mainly because I used to bike through it every day. The park is named after the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. For sure Rembrandtpark isn't one of the biggest or most famous parks of the city, and for tourists it's not centrally located at all. Still it is worth a (nightly) visit.

Rembrandtpark was laid out during the early '70s at the outer range of the pre-war constructed housing in Amsterdam West. The elongated park is crossed by the Cornelis Lelylaan, Postjesweg and Jan Evertsenstraat and is partially flanked by the Postjeswetering (a canal) in the east. The highway A10 runs along its western side with the westelijk tuinsteden (western suburbs) on its other side. At the viaduct of the Postjesweg we find the sculptures of "Twee Hondjes" (Two Dogs), made by Marjolijn Mandersloot. The sculptures were placed on the 4th of december in 2002 by the former mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen. They seem to look towards the park as if they long for a walk, and hikers and bikers can recognize them from far away as they approach the viaduct.

Amsterdambynight Rembrandtpark Statue Dogs Amsterdam NightAmsterdambynight Rembo Rembrandtpark Amsterdam NightA bit farther to the north we find another statue hidden between the trees: "Rembo" of Bastienne Kramer was placed in 2005. Part of the assignment from the city council stated specifically that the statue had to be able to withstand attemps of vandalism. They somehow suspected any piece of art in this area to be subjected to destruction. The concept of this 3,2 meter high ceramic statue is therefore that any damage will be repaired with bronze, so that the sculpture undergoes a slow metamorphosis. Luckily, the statue still finds itself mainly in its original state, and its dark green color contrasts beautifully with the dark of the night.

To the north of Rembrandtpark, along the bike path, we find some nice graffiti art on the wall of the city depot. They represent some artistic impressions of the Dutch maritime history. The works have been made in 2013 to replace some older graffiti that was present on these walls.



Amsterdambynight Rembrandtpark Graffiti Amsterdam Night Sea Amsterdambynight Rembrandtpark Graffiti Amsterdam Night Sea


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